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Jimmy Fallon Responds to Trump Tweet: ‘Shouldn’t He Have More Important Things to Do?’

Out of all of our current late-night hosts, Jimmy Fallon clearly just wants to show people a good time. Of course, that attitude drew criticism when it resulted in him petting Donald Trump’s hair during a Tonight Show interview back in September 2016. After he recently expressed regret about the now-infamous interview, President Trump targeted Fallon with both a Twitter rant and a live critique at a political rally for South Carolina governor Henry McMaster on Monday. In response, Fallon used his Monday-night monologue to return some goofy fire and, in an uncommon move for the Tonight Show host, basically call the president dumber than a box of rocks.

Explaining that Trump’s tweet, in which he called the late-night host “whimpering,” inspired him to make a donation to benefit migrant families, Fallon said, “In response, I made a donation in Trump’s name to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, or RAICES. When Trump heard, he was like, ‘I love RAICES — they’re my favorite peanut-butter cup. There’s no wrong way to eat a RAICES.’”

Continued Fallon, “A new poll found that 58 percent of Americans think President Trump is intelligent. In response, Trump was like, ‘Okay, what did the other 58 percent say?’” Joked the late-night host, “And today at the White House, Trump met with the King and Queen of Jordan. Which got awkward when Trump thanked the King of Jordan for giving us Michael.” As of the publication of this post, Donald Trump hasn’t yet tweeted his response to the monologue, but we’ll keep you updated if and when (come on, it’s definitely when) he inevitably does.

Listen to Jimmy Fallon on Vulture’s Good One podcast:

Jimmy Fallon Jokes About Trump Tweet in Monologue