Jimmy Kimmel Accepts Ted Cruz’s One-on-One Basketball Challenge

It’s a tale as old as time: Ted Cruz tweets photo of himself at basketball game, Jimmy Kimmel points out Cruz looks like blobfish, Cruz challenges Kimmel to a on-on-one charity basketball game, Kimmel accepts challenge. The end of that tale became official during last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and today’s follow-up tweet from Cruz, but Kimmel did have some questions last night: “Why he wants to do this, I have no idea. You really want to play basketball against a talk-show host? You already lost an election to a reality-show host. Isn’t that enough?” The game hasn’t been organized or scheduled yet, but Kimmel already has some ideas: “Maybe we should do this the Monday before the midterms. It would be fun to see him lose twice in one week, right?”

Jimmy Kimmel Accepts Ted Cruz’s Basketball Challenge