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Jimmy Kimmel Trash-Talks Ted Cruz Ahead of One-on-One Basketball Showdown

If you’re in the greater Houston area, free on Saturday, and interested in seeing either Jimmy Kimmel or Ted Cruz (or, with luck, both) get absolutely humiliated, stop by Texas Southern University to watch the pair square off in a one-on-one basketball game. Just because Kimmel agreed to the charity game doesn’t mean he won’t go hard prior to the event, by which we mean remind the world that Donald Trump insulted Ted Cruz’s wife and insinuated Cruz’s father had a hand in murdering President Kennedy. Also, the game is named after a creature Kimmel said Cruz resembled. At least Kimmel didn’t bring up the whole “Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer” thing, but hey, ya gotta save some heat for the court.

Jimmy Kimmel Trash-Talks Ted Cruz Ahead of Basketball Game