Surprise! Jon Bernthal Is Somehow Returning to The Walking Dead

Photo: AMC Networks Entertainment LLC.

We’ve already been teased that the upcoming ninth season of The Walking Dead will be a “very different” show, and now we’ll offer the court exhibit A of the evidence: The return of a very dead character. And a very dead character from many seasons ago. THR is reporting that Jon Bernthal, who portrayed fan-favorite police officer Shane Walsh on the series until 2012, will be appearing in one episode when the season debuts. Unsurprisingly, AMC isn’t offering up any details for Bernthal’s return — remember, he was killed and then killed again as a walker — so we’re gonna go with … dream sequence? Cute flashback? With Andrew Lincoln leaving at the end of this season, this is certainly a treat.

Surprise! Jon Bernthal Is Returning to The Walking Dead