Jordan Klepper to Trump Administration: ‘Don’t Pretend This Isn’t Your Vision’

While most of the late-night hosts were singling out the Trump administration for the cruelty of its immigration policy of separating migrant families at the border, over at The Opposition, Jordan Klepper took a different approach. First, in response to the news that border control is “very uncomfortable” with the word “cages” being used to describe how migrant children are being held, Klepper offers his take: “Yes, very uncomfortable. The word ‘cages’ is so uncomfortable. It’s almost confining, in a way. God, can you imagine being forced into … using the word ‘cages’ to accurately describe where you’re putting children?” But Klepper doesn’t want arguments over what is and isn’t a cage to get in the way of what really matters, which is guiding Team Trump through the five stages of self-acceptance. “But guys, don’t let them shame you! That’s okay. Don’t be afraid of these actions. You need to understand: This is who we are. We’re the side that supports separating kids from their parents. We’re the deplorables,” he says. “Trump administration members, stop being so defensive! Don’t pretend this isn’t your vision. Accept it, because this is who we are.”

Jordan Klepper Has an Important Reminder for Trump Admin