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Kanye West Loves Deadpool a Lot and Wants His Music to Be Part of It

Photo: Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Kanye West loves everyone, including and especially his brother in “dragon energy,” Donald Trump. But you know who he might love more than the MAGA man? Deadpool. Ye loves the irreverent superhero movies so much that he’s ready to license his music if Ryan Reynolds and company decide they want to make more movies.

“I Thought About Killing” seems a little grim for the constantly wisecracking Merc with a Mouth, but Dead does open his second movie by blowing himself up. And while “Violent Crimes” is an extremely off-putting a way of talking about your own daughter, Deadpool is also very inappropriate and might channel his paternal anxieties in a similarly weird way, if they made a third movie and his character had a daughter. Of course there are always old promo clip stand-bys like “Power” and “Runaway” to fall back on, but it’s more likely a Deadpool movie would find a way to “innovate” with irony and play something like “Mama” over a hellacious gun battle or some supercut of Wade and his blind, brassy old lady friend doing boats of cocaine together. Until then, the Celine Dion opening theme will have to suffice for soundtrack star power.

Kanye West Loves Deadpool and Wants His Music to Be In It