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Thirty Pain: We Feel It

Written and performed by Katy Berry and directed by Berry and Jon Mayer, Thirty Pain is a fraught missive to every snowflake-bearing baby-boomer, a big fat “What the fuck did you bring me into, Mom and Dad?” set to a Casio keyboard beat.

There are dozens of these though, right? Music video “raps” about relatable life milestones blasted onto underfollowed social feeds? Yes, that’s true, but Thirty Pain – with more than its fair share of references to millennials as a spurned generation – offers something many of those other videos don’t: strong, pointed jokes.

Take this couplet, for example:

I started getting stretch marks when I was a teen,

So now my ass looks like it lost a fight with Wolverine.

Or this one:

I have three roommates, all stand-up comics in their forties,

They whine “Why don’t women like me?” while they quote Rick and Morty.

Less so this:

Sallie Mae, can you please get off my dii-iii-iii-ii–ick?

What this little diddy (that’s “Puff Daddy,” for all you 30-year-olds) lacks in avant-garde sensibility it more than makes up for with its earnest ode to a generation that grew up in a time when hopes were higher than Trump Tower and YouTube was just something we turned on to watch Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell rap about cupcakes.

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Thirty Pain: We Feel It