Kevin Nealon Cuts His Conan Interview Short for a Very Important Meeting

During his visit to Conan O’Brien’s show last night, extremely busy man Kevin Nealon had to cut things a little short in order to make it to a meeting that he assured O’Brien was definitely important and very real. Unfortunately for Nealon, it was tough to say good-bye to such an energetic and supportive audience, but after several attempts to leave, he saw that energy and support as something entirely different. “Look, I said I have a meeting to go to and it’s important — otherwise I’m not gonna spend time with my son! But apparently that’s not important to you!” Nealon told the audience. “I thought we had something here! I thought we had some kind of a synergy, a chemistry thing here, but now I see a side of you that I didn’t see before, and it’s an ugly side of you and it’s disappointing! I can’t make you happy for the rest of your life!”

Watch some other clips from O’Brien’s interview with Nealon below:

Kevin Nealon Cuts His Conan Interview Short for a Meeting