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Kim Kardashian Got Rick and Morty to Make Kanye a Birthday Song

When Kanye isn’t busy consuming conservative propaganda, he’s an avid Rick and Morty fan. The kind that probably ransacked a McDonald’s for some Szechuan sauce. Well, today is his 41st birthday and, to celebrate, his wife Kim Kardashian got him a big-kid gift. She tweeted that she commissioned Rick and Morty to make Kanye a birthday card, but these are wealthy people we’re talking about so it’s not from Hallmark. Rick and Morty made Kanye West an entire birthday song, which Kim shared on Twitter. Naturally, it’s about Rick and Morty breaking into Kanye’s bedroom, Rick sneaking under his covers to do things we won’t think about, and wanting to steal a lock of Kanye’s hair to clone him. “He’s sexy and buff, and he’s nice,” Rick explains. In addition to the song, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland was invited to Kanye and Kid Cudi’s album listening party last night, which is all just very cute.

Kim K. Got Rick and Morty to Make Kanye a Birthday Song