the girl in the spider's web

Lakeith Stanfield Wants to Give You a Heads Up About the New Girl in the Spider’s Web Trailer

Lakeith Stanfield. Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Based on the new trailer for The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the latest film to star The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s hacker/vigilante character Lisbeth Salander, you are probably already expecting violence, financial revenge, and multiple explosions. But if you’re expecting more than one African-American person to appear onscreen, the film’s co-star Lakeith Stanfield wants to let you know now that, well, that’s unfortunately not going to happen.“Trailer just came out,” the Atlanta star posted on Instagam (and Twitter) Thursday evening. “I’m the only Black person in this film lmao.”

Lakeith Stanfield Gives You a Heads Up About Spider’s Web