summer jam 2018

Meek Mill Rode His Dirt Bike Onto the Summer Jam Stage, Arrest Be Damned

Nearly a year ago, Meek Mill was arrested in New York City after the NYPD spied on his Instagram and caught him riding dirt bikes in Inwood. The arrest, for which the charges were ultimately dropped, set in motion the series of events that led to Mill being unjustly jailed for five months. At Sunday’s Hot 97 Summer Jam festival in New Jersey, Mill gave his first performance since being freed from prison in April, letting local officials know just how he felt about that original arrest. Mill rode onto the stage on an ATV and popped a wheelie — one of the offenses he was arrested for — to perform his anthem “Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)” to a shaking stadium. (He reportedly also rode it on the way to the venue.) “Last time I was in New York with a motherfucking bike, I lost my freedom,” he told the crowd, before riding off again. “This time we not going back to jail.”

Meek Mill Rode His Dirt Bike Onto the Summer Jam Stage