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Michelle Wolf Mini-Roasts the White House Over Family-Separation Policy

Michelle Wolf put her name on all sorts of maps with her White House Correspondents’ Dinner hosting gig by roasting the Trump administration’s major players, from Pence to Sanders. It sparked an insanely lengthy conversation about whether or not eye looks are fair game for mockery, but after the dust settled, Wolf’s name had been firmly attached to the political roast as a comedy genre. So why stop doing what she does best/everyone gets mad at her for? On Sunday’s episode of The Break, Michelle Wolf roasted the White House’s response to family separation and migrant children being detained away from their parents, among many, many other things. It’s probably not as satisfying to go in when you’re addressing a chorus of li’l paper homunculi, but, on the other hand, it’s got more Shaq.

Michelle Wolf Mini-Roasts White House Over Family Separation