Michelle Wolf Responds to Her Inclusion in the GOP’s New ‘Unhinged Left’ Commercial

Following her White House Correspondents’ Dinner hosting gig earlier this year, Michelle Wolf was quickly accused of taking her anti-Trump sentiment too far. It’s a criticism that’s made her, among many others, the focus of the GOP’s menacing new commercial “The Left in 2018: Unhinged.” You can watch below, and then hear Wolf’s response to it in this week’s episode of The Break. And, spoiler alert: She is!

“Expecting people not to be unhinged right now is like expecting someone whose house is on fire to keep calmly rearranging their bookshelf,” she jokes about the new spot. “What’s that? My pant leg is ablaze? Thanks, but Jane Austen is next to Jonathan Franzen, and that simply won’t do.” In fact, being unhinged is great, Wolf argues. Being unhinged motivates people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to affect real change. Says Wolf, “Right now there are two things that should be unhinged: people, and those doors to the child cages.”

Michelle Wolf Responds to GOP’s ‘Unhinged Left’ Commercial