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Netflix Is Adapting Midnight’s Children Into a Series

Salman Rushdie. Photo: Ulrich Baumgarten/U. Baumgarten via Getty Images

Netflix is making moves to expand its presence in India, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming giant is adding a Midnight’s Children series adaptation to its slate. Based on the 1981 book by Salman Rushdie, Children is a magical-realist novel that focuses on Saleem Sinai, a boy born at midnight on the day India declared its independence from Britain (August 15, 1947), whose health and life is tied directly to the ups and downs of his country, and who, like the other children born at midnight in India, also has special powers and magical abilities. As THR reports, the move to acquire Children was made by Simran Sethi, who left Freeform last year to join Netflix as a creative executive in India. Details like episode orders and arrival date are yet to come.

Midnight’s Children Being Adapted As a Series for Netflix