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Forest Whitaker’s How It Ends Trailer Is Basically Taken, Apocalypse Edition

Liam Neeson basically put ass-kicking parental revenge fantasies on the cinematic map with 2008’s Taken, but now that the genre has exhausted the traditional child kidnapping plot, Netflix has decided to kick things up a notch. In the streaming platform’s first trailer for How It Ends, Forest Whitaker’s daughter is not only in danger, she’s in danger from some kind of mysterious, cataclysmic, possibly alien event that has dismantled society as we know it. Also, she’s pregnant. Fortunately for Dad, he’s got elite military training and a son-in-law he truly cannot stand. Throw in a car, and how bad can rescuing your daughter from Armageddon be? How It Ends premieres on July 13.

Netflix’s How It Ends Trailer: Dad vs. The Apocalypse