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Pat Houston Says Not Everyone in Whitney’s Family Is Okay With New Documentary

Whitney Houston in the upcoming documentary Whitney. Photo: Miramax

Perhaps the best way to understand Whitney Houston is to look at those who were closest to her. The upcoming documentary, Whitney, does just that, as Academy Award–winning director Kevin Macdonald sits down with Whitney’s friends, family, colleagues, and confidants. But just because the estate and her family gave him permission to make this film doesn’t mean they have to love it. “Well, some of us are happy,” Pat Houston, the late singer’s sister-in-law told Vulture at Wednesday night’s New York premiere. “It was a little overbearing for the older ones, but they’re processing it and getting through it.”

While making the film, not all of Whitney’s friends and family were forthcoming with information. “There’s a lot of secrecy still,” Macdonald explained. “People have been so used to for so long lying about [Whitney’s sobriety].” Once Whitney’s inner circle told all, Macdonald maintained full editorial control. According to Pat Houston, there were no conversations about keeping some aspects of Whitney’s private life private. When Whitney hits theaters on July 6, closely held family secrets will finally be revealed. “Once you give someone like Kevin Macdonald the key to the boat, you let him walk in,” Pat remarked. “No interference.”

Some of Whitney Houston’s Family Aren’t Okay With New Doc