wonder woman 1984

Patty Jenkins Reveals that Chris Pine Will Be Back and Looking Radically ’80s in Wonder Woman 2

Despite being blown up at the end of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor has somehow lived on for four more decades, and like you, he looks very confused about this. Patty Jenkins tweeted out a photo of Chris Pine in Wonder Woman 2 — or Wonder Woman 1984, as it seems to be called — arriving in 1984 looking as fly as ever, though not really sure how he got there. Maybe this is all the work of Kristen Wiig’s devious Cheetah? The point is, Chris Pine can kill whatever fashion he dares to try on.

In another tantalizing update, Gal Gadot shared her own photo from the sequel, which reveals that Diana will apparently spend much of the movie watching the opening credits of The Americans.

Patty Jenkins Reveals Chris Pine to Return in Wonder Woman 2