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Pete Davidson Confirms Engagement to Ariana Grande: ‘It’s F*cking Lit’

Pete Davidson stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight and immediately addressed his recent engagement to Ariana Grande by announcing: “It’s fucking lit, Jimmy.” Though the SNL cast member was ostensibly there to promote his new Netflix film Set It Up, his recent engagement was the main topic of conversation (well, and his love of the Robert Pattinson movie Good Time.) Davidson described getting engaged to Grande by saying, “I feel like I won a contest,” and said men have stopped him on the street to tell him he’s given them hope. But he also took a moment to wonder why his engagement was such big news, noting that “it’s weird cause, like, the president’s like trying to pardon himself and he’s like fucking a porn star, and it’s, like, shouldn’t we care about that?” Sure. But also … we got another look at his new Ariana bunny-ears tattoo! ZOMG!

Pete Davidson on Engagement to Ariana: ‘It’s F*cking Lit’