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Samantha Bee: Trump ‘Fixed’ His Child-Separation Policy ‘With the Next Worst Thing’

If you’re uncomfortable with what Samantha Bee calls “our new pre-K prisons,” good news, the president fixed it with the next worst thing. On Full Frontal last night, Bee addressed Trump’s executive order ending his own family-separation policy, which still allows the government to detain families together. “Baby jails are the worst possible thing, but mommy-and-me jails are a close second,” Bee adds, “Any solution to this problem has to start with the premise that children should not go to jail.” Bee goes on to discuss how the border patrol is apparently uncomfortable with the use of the word “cages” to describe the conditions children are being kept in, even though the word is accurate. “Who knew conservatives were so sensitive about the C-word? I should make a note of that.”

Sam Bee: Trump Didn’t Really ‘Fix’ Child-Separation Policy