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Shia LaBeouf and His Comb-over Are Unrecognizable in This New Biopic

Shia LaBeouf. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Shia LaBeouf is starring in Honey Boy, his upcoming biopic but not as himself: LaBeouf is playing his father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf. In photos snapped from the Honey Boy set, Shia can be seen in costume as Jeffrey, a former radio clown, with receding hairline, thinning locks, and all. Lucas Hedges and A Quiet Place’s Noah Jupe will play LaBeouf during his years as a child actor on Disney Channel’s Even Stevens.

Honey Boy is based on a script LaBeouf wrote himself, which landed on the Black List, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie chronicles the contentious relationship between the father and son, as LaBeouf bounced between the Disney Channel set and his father’s 12-step programs to get over a heroin addiction. Per the Black List description, “a child actor and his law-breaking, alcohol-abusing father attempt to mend their contentious relationship over the course of a decade.” “Honey boy” was Jeffrey’s nickname for his son.

LaBeouf and His Comb-over Are Unrecognizable in New Film