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This Joke Caused Stephen Colbert to Giggle So Much, He Had to Leave the Late Show Stage

Stephen Colbert, that nice Catholic boy, sometimes gets a case of the giggles and needs to compose himself. (Who doesn’t.) That, or he just really loves Alanis Morissette and doesn’t want to embarrass himself if her ‘90s hits are involved. (Also, who doesn’t.) Such fun occurred on The Late Show last night, when Colbert was trying to transform “Ironic” into a song with 10,000 percent more Trumpian lyrics. “It’s like raiiiiin on your third wedding day!” he eventually manages to croon. “A porn staaaar that you already pay!” But before he gets there, a journey in self discovery had to be done. And a quick lap.

“Was it worth the wait?” he asks the audience afterward. To which we say … Alanis, any thoughts?

Stephen Colbert Can’t Stop Laughing; Leaves Late Show Stage