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Stephen Colbert Has the Devil Stop by Late Show to Defend Child-Separation Policy

Americans on both sides of the aisle were disgusted to learn that children of undocumented families are currently being separated from their parents and kept in cages inside migrant-detention facilities. Oh, sorry, kept in chain-link pens in migrant-detention facilities. Every idea has its defenders, however, and if there is one person who can get onboard with the government’s current “all-baby reboot of The Shawshank Redemption” policy, it’s Trump policy advisor Stephen Miller. And then if there was a second person, it would be the Devil. Which is why Stephen Colbert had Lucifer stop by the Late Show on Monday to explain why the current child-separation policy is actually a good thing. You have to admit, he makes some very, very evil points.

Stephen Colbert Has the Devil on to Defend Separation Policy