Taylor Swift Is Here to Ruin Your Life in Sugarland’s ‘Babe’ Music Video

When Taylor Swift co-wrote the song “Babe” with Train frontman Pat Monahan, it was intended to find a home on her 2012 album Red. In the end, however, “Babe” didn’t make the cut, and subsequently found its way onto Sugarland’s new album Bigger. Since Swift has since embraced the snake/welcomed our disgust, it only makes sense she would recommended herself as the video’s Joan Holloway-esque other woman. She also sings backup on the song, so if you weren’t feeling 2017’s Reputation as much as Red, just close your eyes and remember when. But be careful, as your husband will be using that closed-eye time to cheat on you.

Taylor Swift Ruins Your Marriage in Sugarland’s ‘Babe’ Video