Ted Cruz Wins One-on-One Charity Basketball Game Against Jimmy Kimmel

Photo: Twitter/@tedcruz

In case you had a bet going, and you almost certainly didn’t, it’s finally been settled: Ted Cruz would beat Jimmy Kimmel in a game of basketball. On Saturday, the late-night host went from figuratively dunking on the former presidential hopeful (Kimmel did name their charity game the Blobfish Basketball Classic for Ted Cruz, after all) to the literal basketball court, where Cruz bested him 11 to 9.

The charity game, which took place at the Health and Physical Education Arena at Texas Southern University, benefited Texas Children’s Hospital and the education nonprofit Generation One for Kimmel and Cruz, respectively. So, in summary, if you ever happen to beat Texas senator Ted Cruz at a game of basketball, enjoy knowing that, via the transitive property, you’ve also beaten Jimmy Kimmel as well. Jimmy Kimmel Live! will air parts of the game on Monday night.

Ted Cruz Wins One-on-One Charity Game Against Jimmy Kimmel