Tig Notaro Wants to Tell You That Monica Lewinsky Is ‘an Exceptional Human Being’

Bill Clinton is the Late Show guest from last night receiving the most attention today, but Tig Notaro was also on the show, promoting her new stand-up special Happy to Be Here, which debuted on Netflix just a few weeks ago. “I have no idea what I’m saying on that show,” Notaro admits to Stephen Colbert, regarding her guest role in Star Trek: Discovery. “I can’t even picture what I’m talking about. When I’m learning lines in other shows or movies or something, I can kind of visualize what I’m talking about. On Star Trek, I’m just like, Okay, I just have to remember these words.” “It’s just sound jazz. Mouth jazz with Tig Notaro — in space!” Colbert says.

Notaro and Colbert also talk about her upcoming film for Netflix starring Jennifer Aniston, First Ladies, which led to Notaro offering up some thoughts regarding her fellow Late Show guest. “Speaking of Bill, and then not to speak about Bill, I just want to say about Monica Lewinsky: I know her — not well, but I want to remind people that to get a job at a young age as an intern in the White House, you have to be an exceptional human being, and she is. And I just want to remind people of that.”

Tig Notaro: Monica Lewinsky Is ‘an Exceptional Human Being’