Tom Hanks Had to Riff in Character When a Medical Emergency Interrupted Henry IV

Driven by a seeming fear that his audience would bail during the awkward pause in the evening’s production of Henry IV, Tom Hanks responded to a delay caused by a medical emergency by riffing in character as Falstaff. The emergency, which according to People involved a patron fainting, was just long enough for Shakespeare Hanks to invite someone onstage. In the grand tradition of inviting anyone onstage, his guest Frances took a turn for the odd (her name is not actually Frances, for example), but fortunately there are few things that can out-odd Tom Hanks in a fat suit threatening to slash the audience’s tires if they leave before the play is over. According to People, per the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles, the audience member was hospitalized and later released.

Tom Hanks Riffed as Falstaff When Emergency Interrupted Play