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Tom Holland ‘Accidentally’ Reveals the Spider-Man 2 Title, Since That’s His Whole Thing Now

Photo: Marvel Studios/SONY Pictures

If only Benedict Cumberbatch had been there to drop kick that iPad right out of his hand. Actor Tom Holland is so known for almost accidentally spilling the Marvel spoiler beans, he has since elevated his bean spilling game to a meta level, a fun way to spin a nervous habit that probably sent half a dozen studio executives into a panic attack.

While at Seattle’s Ace Comic-Con, the Spider-Man star “accidentally” intentionally revealed the title of his upcoming sequel in an Instagram video. Joked Holland in his post, “Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys.” The upcoming film, which also reportedly stars Jake Gyllenaal as the villain Mysterio and is set to drop in July 2019, is entitled Spider-Man: Far From Home, presumably named for the place Tom Holland would be forcibly exiled to if he actually did let a major spoiler slip in public

Tom Holland ‘Accidentally’ Reveals Spider-Man 2 Title