Just 3 Minutes and 52 Seconds of Ariana Grande Frolicking in a Forest With Her Clones

Please don’t ask me to explain what’s happening in Ariana Grande’s new video for “The Light Is Coming,” featuring her BFF when she’s not with Pete Davidson, Nicki Minaj. To do so would imply that there’s anything happening at all in this video. There is not. In (very brief) summary: Nicki stands around in a foggy forest. Ariana apparates into said forest (wait, is this the Forbidden Forest???), holding an orb of light that’s really just a disco ball. Then frolics around for three minutes. At one point, she’s cloned into, like, a dozen Arianas and then they all frolic. But the original Ariana starts twirling and her body sort of absorbs some of them. Except what if that wasn’t the original and now we’re stuck with some impostor Ariana for the rest of eternity? Because that’s certainly who it sounds like made this song. Did I mention this is also a Reebok ad? Like I said, no questions!

Just 3 Minutes of Ariana Grande Frolicking in a Forest