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Predator Trailer: Jacob Tremblay Accidentally Summons Some Aliens

If we have learned one thing today, it’s never let Jacob Tremblay touch dangerous alien technology. In the trailer for Shane Black’s rebooted Predator, Tremblay plays a kid who accidentally triggers the return of those spooky alien Predators to earth, bringing Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, and Keegan-Michael Key into battle. Sterling K. Brown is also there as some kind of analyst (he’s in “acquisitions”?), and Oliva Munn is very concerned about everything, but also knows more than she’s telling. Predator, a.k.a. An Excuse to Put Sweaty Movie Stars in Tight T-shirts, is set to premiere September 14, and you can see both the teaser below and the first full trailer above.

Predator Trailer: Jacob Tremblay Summons Some Aliens