Everyone Who Dies in Westworld’s Season-Two Finale

Photo: HBO

Spoilers below for Westworld’s season-two finale. You’ve been warned!

The Westworld season-two finale, “The Passenger,” is a carnage-filled hour with a twist. Dozens of hosts and humans die in the episode, but death is always something of a transitory state in this show. As Dolores proves with her resurrection of Bernard at the very end of the season, anyone can be brought back to life on Westworld, so long as someone remembers them. When season three picks up the narrative — whenever that may be — any of these figures may be living and breathing once more. Until then, here’s a guide to every major character who dies in “The Passenger.”

Lee Sizemore

The man who was once a puppet master becomes a hero early in the episode, as he holds off the Delos soldiers advancing on Maeve and her gang. Reciting a heroic speech he originally wrote for Hector, Lee takes a few shots to the chest as the hosts make their escape.

Clementine Pennyfeather

Turned into a weapon by Charlotte Hale, Clementine rides through the hosts headed for the Valley Beyond, turning them against each other and sparking a bloodthirsty riot before she’s shot by Armistice. Unfortunately for the hosts, all of that chaos continues after she’s taken down.

Dolores Abernathy

This one gets a little tricky. The leader of the revolution is technically killed by Bernard — he shoots her in the head after realizing that she wants to destroy everything, including the Forge and humanity itself — and then, later, she kills Bernard too. What?! It gets even wilder: In the final scenes, both characters are alive again. Only on Westworld, right?

Maeve Millay

In one of the finale’s most tragic arcs, Maeve is shot and killed after holding back the Clementine-inflicted hordes to make sure her daughter and Akecheta safely escape to the Valley Beyond. She dies smiling as they cross safety into their own virtual Eden, but it seems her story is far from over: At the end of the episode, Delos technicians Felix and Sylvester are ordered to see if they can “salvage” her and other viable hosts on the beach.

Hector Escaton and his gang

The rest of Maeve’s gang, including her lover Hector, perish after Clementine sends the mob of hosts into a murderous rage. Yet again, though, this likely isn’t good-bye forever: We later see their bodies in the cleanup scene on the beach, so Hector, Armistice, and the others could very well be back in season three.

Elsie Hughes

After finally learning the truth about Delos, Elsie tries to play tough with Charlotte by threatening to go public about everything, then hinting at what her silence will cost — presumably in an attempt to protect Bernard. Alas, she never gets that far: After lamenting Elsie’s lack of “moral flexibility,” Charlotte ties up this particular loose end with a couple bullets to the chest. Poor Elsie.

Charlotte Hale

The villainous Charlotte is shot by, well, herself. Yes, it’s actually Dolores who does the deed, but only after Bernard puts her consciousness in a copy of Charlotte’s body. It’s a fitting end for the Delos baddie — killed by a host version of herself — even though the outside world won’t even realize she’s gone. The season ends with Dolores escaping the island thanks to her new disguise (and an assist from Stubbs), as she motors off with the other survivors. Charlotte is dead; long live Charlotte.

Karl Strand and his security team

After killing the real Charlotte, Dolores takes out Strand and his team in the Forge by surprise. (Seriously: Most of them die before they could even get the confused looks off their faces.) A lot of people who work for Delos were killed for doing their jobs this season, however brutal those jobs may be, but this sequence will go down as one of the show’s most shocking twists.

Robert Ford

Yes, the real Dr. Ford has been dead since the end of season one. But in “The Passenger,” we learn that the other version of Ford — a.k.a. the one who was hiding in the Cradle, and who forced himself into Bernard’s mind earlier this season — is also gone for good. As Bernard realizes late in the episode, he did, in fact, erase Ford: “When I deleted your code, I purged myself of you permanently. And when I needed you again, you weren’t there, so I imagined you.” It wasn’t Ford who helped guide him to revive Dolores, but just a memory of the man. Bernard did it all himself, which is why he chose to scramble his own memory before Strand and Stubbs found him on the beach.

Bernard Lowe

Coming full circle, Bernard is shot in the head by Dolores after she offs Strand and his team in the remains of the Forge. Of course, Westworld being Westworld, it’s never that simple: In the closing scenes, Dolores brings Bernard back to life in the real world, in Arnold’s house, where he takes the ultimate final choice and opens the door to … well, who knows? We’ll find out next season.

Everyone Who Dies in Westworld’s Season-Two Finale