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Andy Samberg Reveals the First Photos of His Baby Daughter on Conan

During his appearance on last night’s Conan, Andy Samberg took a few minutes to share something very special with the world: the first photos — or at least what he claimed would be the first photos — of his 1-year-old baby daughter ever publicly revealed to the world. Of course, this is Andy Samberg, so as you might expect, the photos turned out to be mostly photos from Gremlins. “She’s a sweet little angel … although I’ve made the mistake a few times, she gets very grumpy, and I fed her after midnight.”

Check out some more clips from the interview below, including one where Samberg shares some items on his bucket list now that he’s about to turn 40 (“I want to jack off on the roof of a building like Leonardo DiCaprio in Basketball Diaries”) and another one where he talks about how Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled then quickly saved, and how NBC originally passed on the show before it was picked up by Fox: “I took it very personally and I kind of told everyone there to go to hell.”

Andy Samberg Shows Conan First Photos of His Baby Daughter