Bob Odenkirk Celebrates Better Call Saul’s Renewal by Flashing His Ass Tattoo

Bob Odenkirk. Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for AMC

A hearty congratulations are in order for Mr. Saul Goodman and ragtag legal pals, as Better Call Saul was renewed by AMC for a fifth season — days before season four even began airing. And Bob Odenkirk, the leading man himself, is very happy with this news! So chuffed that he slapped a temporary tattoo on his butt, pulled his pants down, and mooned everyone at the show’s TCAs panel this weekend. “I wanted to show you guys something. This is exciting for me. I’m sorry,” he told the amused crowd, per Indiewire. “I got a tattoo … all my life, I’m trying to think, what do I care about enough to get it, like, eternally marked on my ass. And so, I finally had something.” That’s our Saul all right! What would Heisenberg think?

Bob Odenkirk Celebrates Better Call Saul by Flashing His Ass