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Put Brett Kavanaugh in the Suburban Dad Scandal Hall of Fame, Implores Stephen Colbert

There’s a fair chance we’re going to witness Brett “Man Who Sliced His Thumb Off at the Barbecue But Insists He’s Fine” Kavanaugh join the Supreme Court as its resident young person by the year’s end. For Stephen Colbert — and uh, women — that’s unacceptable. You see, Kavanaugh is a snoozefest! Who wants to drink brewskis and rack up credit card debt with this dude when you can pump iron with RBG instead! But yeah, Kavanaugh had a spending problem thanks to his beloved Washington Nationals, but even this gossip can’t get Stephen Colbert excited. “That is … yawn. That scandal is so boring we’re calling it nothing. We didn’t even come up with a thing,” he quipped. “I say this belongs in the Suburban Dad Scandal Hall of Fame.”

Brett Kavanaugh Too Boring for Supreme Court, Says Colbert