Comedians Slam New York Times for Homophobic Trump/Putin ‘Joke’

Photo: Twitter/NYT Opinion

Following Donald Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, the New York Times tweeted an animated video today that was originally released last month titled Trump and Putin: A Love Story. The whole joke is — as you might have guessed from the title — that Trump and Putin are gay. Much like Stephen Colbert’s “cock holster” joke on The Late Show last year, there’s been tons of Twitter backlash to the Times video, which was animated by Bill Plympton and uses real Trump audio clips to depict the president and Putin in various romantic scenes together, including a ten-second sequence zoomed in on their tongues knotting up as they make out. Watch the full video for yourself below:

Here are just some of the responses that have been posted today from various writers, comedians, and politicians calling the video homophobic and lazy:

Comedians Slam Times for Homophobic Trump/Putin ‘Joke’