Demetri Martin Is an Overthinker in This Promo for His Netflix Special

If any comedian is going to name their Netflix special The Overthinker, it’s this guy. Today Netflix released a short promo for Demetri Martin’s comedy special, in which Martin, as you might expect, does quite a bit of Netflix-comedy-special-promo overthinking when pitching ideas for said Netflix comedy special promo. In the special, the Daily Show alum and writer-director-editor-star of the 2016 film Deanuses visual aids, music, voice-overs and his signature deadpan comedy to deliver observations on myriad topics including his autobiography, overthinking things as a kid, horoscopes, road rage and more. Martin’s last special, Live (At the Time), premiered back in 2015. Check out the trailer above, and catch the rest when The Overthinker heads to Netflix on Friday, August 10.

Demetri Martin’s Special The Overthinker Debuts Next Month