DJ Khaled, Bieber, Chance, and Quavo Have Made – Drumroll Please – Anotha One

Sorry not sorry! DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Migos’s Quavo have reunited for a second summer to provide you with anotha hit. Last year, they had “I’m the One,” which went straight to No. 1. This year it’s “No Brainer,” which follows their tradition of song titles acting as general predictions for its success. Its video, co-directed by the hardest-working baby in show business, Asahd, of course, is its own making of the video. Biebs, his mustache, and new normcore aesthetic hit some truly exceptional dad dance moves; Quavo paints with a pigeon perched on his shoulder like he’s LaVona Harding; Chance wears a very nice suit jacket; and, overall, everyone and every product placement is having a jolly time, which was the truest no brainer all along.

DJ Khaled, Bieber, Chance, and Quavo Have Made Anotha One