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Enjoy a Thorough Discussion of Christine Baranski’s Ability to Do High Kicks

While ostensibly about things like motherhood and love, the Mamma Mia! movies are really just an excuse to get movie stars to sing ABBA songs, and specifically to get Christine Baranski to do high kicks. As Baranski explained on Seth Meyers, her high kicks have become something of a trademark (the clip leaves out the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again scene where Baranski does her kick, but you can see it here). She’s very proud of her ability to still do them — though only with one leg, at this point. Lily James also loves Baranski’s high kicks, as does Cher, who apparently saw Baranski across the room at the premiere and went, “Hey, you high-kicking bitch!”

Enjoy a Discussion of Christine Baranski’s High Kicks