Fox Wants to Rewind the Clock for Jack Bauer With a Potential 24 Prequel Series

Jack Bauer. Photo: FOX

Sure, Fox gave you a TV movie, a long-delayed ninth season and spinoff series 24: Legacy, but what if all you really wanted to know is what happened before those first 24 hours? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is reportedly interested in that too, and is currently developing a 24 prequel series from the show’s original creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran.

However, it sounds like the new ongoing thriller series would take place well before Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer committed his entire adult life to saving America as a highly trained counterterrorism agent. Instead, the new 24 would be “the origin story of how Jack Bauer became Jack Bauer.” Given the time period, it seems unlikely Kiefer will be able to cameo, but if they need to introduce the concept, time travel would make for an extremely fun 23rd hour.

Fox Wants to Rewind the Clock With Potential 24 Prequel