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Hannah Gadsby on Nanette’s Surprise Success: ‘It’s a Bit Much, Isn’t It?’

During her interview with Jimmy Fallon on last night’s Tonight Show, Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby reflected on the unexpected praise she’s received since her new special Nanette debuted on Netflix. “I love the special. Man, it’s getting unbelievable reviews,” Fallon says. “It’s a bit much, isn’t it?” Gadsby responds, sarcastically adding, “I really thought it would divide audiences, and it just hasn’t.” As for Gadsby’s claim in the special that she’s quitting comedy altogether, well, all the critical acclaim has made that a little complicated. “I said I was quitting, and if I quit, I’m an idiot now,” she says. “If the show had gone as badly as I’d planned it would’ve worked, but now I’m left with the choice: I’ll either be an idiot or a hypocrite. I’ll be a hypocrite.”

Check out another clip from the interview below, where Gadby tells Fallon about the time she accidentally texted Emma Thompson a picture of Chuck Norris and about the world’s most skilled heckler: her mom.

Hannah Gadsby Reflects on Nanette’s Success on Tonight Show