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Hulu Wants You to Know How Terrible This Place Is in First Full Castle Rock

Castle Rock, Maine, has a lot to offer a Stephen King fan: a masked creep, a vicious dog, a sinking car belonging to the Shawshank Department of Corrections and, best of all, an alligator out of nowhere. Truly, is there anything more twisted than an alligator in Maine? In the first look at Hulu’s new King-centric horror drama, André Holland appears as the show’s lead, attorney Henry Deaver. Carrie star Sissy Spacek and 2017 Pennywise himself Bill Skarsgård flesh out (or, more likely, de-flesh out) the cast as Deaver’s mother Ruth and his death-row inmate client, respectively. Meanwhile, Melanie Lynskey reportedly plays Molly Strand, perhaps the world’s most beleaguered real-estate agent. Sure, Castle Rock isn’t for everyone, but she can get you into a water-drenched two-bedroom with a built-in piano hole and backyard cemetery by the end of the week. Not a lot of towns can promise you that. Castle Rock will arrive on Hulu Wednesday, July 25.

First Full Trailer for Hulu’s Castle Rock: Maine Invites You