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Issa Rae Says Insecure’s Issa and Daniel Are ‘Connected’

Photo: HBO

Could Issa and Daniel actually be endgame on Insecure? Despite their inability to work out their complicated relationship, actors Issa Rae and Y’lan Noel seem to be holding out for these two. “I always have hope for Issa and Daniel. I feel like they’re connected,” Rae tells Vulture at Insecure Fest in L.A. “I feel like he’s seeing a side of her that Lawrence never saw. She has a history with Daniel that she never had with Lawrence. So that dynamic is interesting.”

Their relationship is certainly explored in the upcoming third season. “I mean, I have hope for them,” says Noel. “I feel like we have never had a real opportunity to see whether they can make it work because of the external circumstances. There’s never been a full moment for them to really see that. That’s what’s exciting about season three.”

Rae remains hush about potential new love interests for her character that could throw a wrench into their relationship. “I don’t know that we have a new love interest this season! So I’m remaining mum on that,” she says. “I know she’s staying with Daniel and trying to work that out.”

And if there’s one thing Rae and Noel have become pros at, it’s their sex scenes. “I feel like the better you know the person, the more fun/easier, less awkward it is,” Rae says. Noel adds, “For the most part, me and Issa are silly. That helps.” His strategy for loosening up during sex scenes is playing some music — even if the crew isn’t into it. “I had some Future tracks I wanted to play from my playlist. But they wasn’t feeling it,” Noel says. “I learned I was probably … one of not too many who have Future on their bedroom playlist.”

Issa Rae Says Insecure’s Issa and Daniel Are ‘Connected’