The Killer Is Already in the House in the What Keeps You Alive Trailer


Jules doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to have the worst vacation of her life. In IFC Midnight’s What Keeps You Alive, Brittany Allen and Hannah Emily star as a married couple, Jules (Allen) and Jackie (Anderson), setting up at a cabin in the woods to celebrate their wedding anniversary. A weekend that starts with wine and chats by the fire turns into a relentless fight for survival after Jackie reveals some seriously important details about herself she’s been keeping secret. (Yes, we mean murder; she’s been keeping murder secrets.) This lean, mean story of betrayal and vengeance from writer and director Colin Minihan hits Los Angeles, New York, and VOD on August 24. Make sure to watch it with someone you think you can trust, so you can really feel that rush of paranoia surging through your body.

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It’s Brutal Domestic Discord in What Keeps You Alive Trailer