Watch Jodie Foster, Wanda Sykes, and Nick Offerman Audition for Batgirl

It seems like a Batgirl movie is finally really in the works for real, but who will play the legendary caped girl crusader? Luckily TBS’s Conan is in the middle of celebrating the run-up to this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con and decided to help answer that question by hosting its own auditions for the coveted role. The competition is stiff (in Tig Notaro’s case, somewhat literally) what with Jodie Foster popping in to try and upstage an actual Oscar with a knight. But at least we have people like Thomas Middleditch around to teach us all how managing one’s expectations is done.

In the initial version of this story, Jodie Foster’s name was misspelled and has since been updated.

Jodie Foster, Wanda Sykes, & Tig Notaro Audition for Batgirl