Johnny Depp Being Sued for Punching Someone on the City of Lies Set

Depp. Photo: Getty Images

Johnny Depp’s legal troubles just got a little more troublesome. Variety reports that a location manager who worked on the movie City of Lies, the crime drama about the unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., is now suing Depp for alleged assault. According to Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, who was responsible for making sure the production stayed in compliance with city permits, the actor punched him in the torso when he tried to inform him that a scene he was filming with friends was running over their approved on-location shooting hours.

Per Variety, “Brooks says he told the director, Brad Furman, that shooting would have to halt. Furman allegedly replied: ‘Why don’t you tell that to Johnny Depp?’” Brooks tried to get a police officer to accompany him, but before he was able to, Depp allegedly punched Brooks twice in “the lower left side of his rib cage” and then shouted “I will give you $100,000 to punch me in the face right now!” before Depp’s security intervened. Brooks, who said he could smell alcohol on the actor’s breath at the time, was fired three days later after refusing to sign a release waiving his right to sue Depp over the incident.

Johnny Depp Being Sued for Punching Someone on Set