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Joss Whedon Gets New HBO Series, and Yes, It Will Have Sci-Fi Heroines

Joss Whedon. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Joss Whedon is making a new series for HBO. In this round of Whedon TV Mad Libs the badass heroines will exist in a quirky, sci-fi version of the Victorian Era and use their “unusual abilities” to fight “relentless enemies” who are almost definitely going to be men who underestimate them in many ways. TVLine reports that Whedon will write, direct, and executive produce the series, called The Nevers, which he is calling “maybe the most ambitious narrative” he has ever created. So basically, get Echo and Buffy and River Tam on the phone, because their Avengers has arrived.

Joss Whedon Gets New Series, and Yes, It Will Have Heroines