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Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake Wants the Song of Summer

FOMO much? Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Though we’ve already collectively decided Cardi B will reign supreme for a second consecutive summer, some people just can’t let others have their joy in peace. Justin Timberlake, apparently consumed by FOMO, has dropped a surprise single many months after Man of the Woods (remember that?) that has nothing to do with that album. In fact, “SoulMate,” was made just last week with Drake’s go-to producer-songwriter combo Nineteen85 and James Fauntleroy, among others, in the Bahamas. (JT and Drake have apparently been “talking” about collaborating again.) And you know what that means: tropical vibes, baby. “Summer starts now,” he declares in its opening, then goes on to describe a one-night stand. Okay, man of the beach! Anyway, we liked this better when it was “Summer Love.”

Justin Timberlake Is Coming for Song of Summer, I Guess