Last Man Standing Is Recasting Two Characters Who Are Not Played by Tim Allen

Maybe it can just be Last Man Standing in Front of a Greenscreen. Photo: FOX/FOX via Getty Images

Fox wanted to revive Last Man Standing, and seems less interested in whoever else is sitting near him. Per TVLine, the series will recast the roles played by Molly Ephraim (one of Allen’s daughters on the show) and Flynn Morrison (his grandson) before it returns this fall. Nancy Travis (who plays Allen’s wife), Amanda Fuller (his eldest daughter), Jonathan Adams, Christoph Sanders, Jordan Masterson, and Hector Elizondo are all also confirmed to return to the show, while Kaitlyn Dever (who played another daughter) is still in negotiations to return as a recurring player (she has a few other projects in the works). ABC originally canceled Last Man Standing back in 2017, but Fox brought it back this spring. Networks have sought out TV shows about working-class white families (whether Last Man Standing fits that bill is up for debate) in the wake of Trump’s election and the ratings success of the Roseanne revival, though after Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets, that show will be returning as something else entirely.

Last Man Standing Recasting Two Characters Before Returning