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Samantha Bee and Masha Gessen Turn to Car-Based Comedy to Talk About Our Crumbling Democracy

Samantha Bee’s 2017 interview with Russian author and dissident Masha Gessen was so good we posted it twice, so it was a great surprise to see Gessen make another appearance during last night’s Full Frontal. Bee and Gessen hit the streets for a segment called “Comedians in Cars With Dissidents Getting Coffee,” which later morphs into “Actors in Trucks Towing Comedians With Dissidents in Cars Getting Coffee” hosted by Jason Alexander before morphing into “Public Domain Carpool Karaoke,” and later, “Full Frontal Cash Cab.” It’s like all those other hit car-based comedies wrapped into one, except this time it’s full of Gessen’s grim reminders about the hopeless state of democracy right now. “I’m incredibly fortunate. I’m a journalist,” Gessen says when Bee asks her about self-care. “It gives me the illusion of doing something.” “That’s nice!” Bee responds. “My job is to turn my tears of grief into yelling on TV!”

Samantha Bee Chats With Masha Gessen Comedians in Cars–Style