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Second Woman Accuses The Proposal Contestant of Misconduct

Michael Friday.

Last month, a contestant on ABC’s The Proposal was accused of having allegedly lured a Wisconsin woman into a date rape. Now, the “aspiring comedian” Michael Friday has been accused by a second woman of allegedly sexually assaulting her himself. Karina Solina spoke to the Daily Beast about her experience, telling them, “He basically sexually assaulted me.” Just like the first woman to come forward, Solina met Friday on Tinder. During their date, however, she alleges that things took a swift turn. “I really only had, from what I remember, one drink with him,” she says. She then alleges she became drunk and very tired, told Friday she wanted to go to sleep, “and then he’s like, ‘Okay, sure,’ and gets me in his car, and we end up at his place.”

She alleges that once they got to his place, things escalated. “He [took] my clothes off, and he forced me to some sexual acts on him that I wasn’t really too keen on doing,” she says, adding, “I was definitely not able to consent to what I was doing.” After the encounter, she blocked him on all social media. She said she was too embarrassed to go to the police, saying, “I knew I didn’t consent, but I was also too drunk so I felt like it was my fault for the longest time.”

The Daily Beast also anonymously quoted several members of the Milwaukee comedy scene who alleged that Friday has a history of allegedly groping and making sexually explicit comments to women at open mikes. After the first allegations surfaced, ABC pulled the episode of The Proposal featuring Friday.

Second Woman Accuses The Proposal Contestant of Misconduct