Netflix’s Hindi Horror Series Ghoul Gets a Disturbingly Good First Trailer


From the alchemy (and contractual business arrangement) of Blumhouse, Netflix, Phantom Films, and Ivanhoe Pictures comes Ghoul, the streaming giant’s first Hindi-language horror mini-series. An efficient three episodes long, Ghoul focuses on a young woman working at a military detention facility when a very strange and very scary prisoner is brought in for interrogation. He’s not much of a talker, but he can see the secrets of those around him — like the time our young guard turned her own father in to the state for sedition. And since everyone has a secret, this man (or maybe ghoul?) is probably going to rip through this prison like it’s a wet paper bag. Ghoul starts streaming all over the world on August 24.

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See First Trailer for Netflix’s Hindi Horror Series Ghoul